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Lifestyle Eating and Performance:

The LEAP Program is an intensive program designed for those who have chronic inflammatory conditions related to food and chemical sensitivities. LEAP stands for Lifestyle and Eating Performance because this program will uncover the foods that are triggering your inflammation and calm the inflammation down.  Many people feel much better within the first 1-2 weeks and then the body has the chance to heal and repair.  If you believe any of your health problems may be caused by the foods you eat, even healthy foods, you may be a great candidate for this program.

Please refer to these resources if you have further questions: LEAP Information

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All Inclusive LEAP Plans Include the following: This plan is a comprehensive 3 month program designed to get you feeling well and functioning much better.

  • Arranging blood test with a convenient lab near you and providing a requisition form and lab kit, which includes FEDEX shipping arrangements
  • MRT test, which tests for 120 foods and 30 chemicals, with results within 10-14 days
  • Initial consult of 90 minutes to go over results, planning your customized diet protocol, menu planning, and lifestyle modification support, and weekly email check-ins between visits.
  • After your initial visit you will have tons of questions and will need extra support. Don’t worry, as your Certified LEAP Therapist and Dietitian will be there for you every step of the way.
  • Day 10-14: by now you should be feeling much better! Your inflammation in your body should be calming down and your symptoms should be much better! We will check in by phone or in person to go over the next phase of the program! We sill add more foods, come up with more menu ideas, recipes, and shopping tips! You will be so excited to add more foods!
  • Every 2 weeks for the first 6 phases we will be adding more foods to your LEAP protocol and you will start to understand your food triggers and how to navigate eating your safe foods!
  • Every month at 30, 60 , and 90 days, we will meet regularly by phone or in person to tweak and adjust your program.
  • During your 3 months you have unlimited access to me to support you through this program. We have regularly scheduled visits, but I know there will be times you will have questions or need extra support. This program is all inclusive and is meant to give you the best support you can ever dream of.
  • If you need to make a quick call, or email, or even come in for an extra visit you have the support of your Dietitian Tanya to be there for you. *during normal business hours
  • Contact your LEAP Therapist Tanya today to get in the All Inclusive Program! Call 720-507-1950
  • Limited availability as these spots fill up quickly! Call now to schedule an inquiry and get qualified for the program!

*Lab draw fees are not included in pricing (typically $25-$40)




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