What Happens

During your initial visit we will do a thorough review of your health history. We will discuss family health history, lifestyle, sleep, stress, social, labs, and dieting history.

This thorough review gives me a good understanding of who you are, what your goals are, and what we can do together to come up with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to fit your individual needs.

You will leave after the first visit with some dietary and lifestyle recommendations to get you started on your healthy eating journey. We will set goals together and come up with a lifestyle and nutrition plan to get you on the path to healing your body.

In follow-up visits we will review your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to find out where you are doing well, any struggles you are having, and make any necessary changes to your personalized nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals.

I will be here for you every step of the way to support you, understand you, and do everything I can to enable you to be successful in healing and reaching your goals.


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“I started working with Tanya a month ago. I was completely revamping my whole diet by eliminating sugar, gluten, caffeine, and dairy. The first week I experienced struggles with this drastic diet change, however, having Tanya there with me as lifeline every step of the way made the transition so much easier. She never hesitated to answer a question and if she didn’t know the answer she was certain to find it for me or at least a resource. I would encourage anyone looking to make a mindful and healthy change in the way they are eating, to seriously seek out Tanya’s help.  I am so thankful for the commitment she gave to me and I know you will not be disappointed.”  ~Kelly, Lacrosse, WI

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