What Is Real Food?

  • Real food comes from plants, nuts, seeds, and healthy  and humanely raised animals.
  • I do not condone abusing or allowing confinement for any animal and I believe it should be humanely raised for their health and ours!
  • I do advocate for any ones choices of food, regardless if it is Vegan, vegetarian, or so on, however the food should be minimally processed and prepared in the correct manner!
  • That may mean learning new ways of preparing foods to make it more life giving!
  • Why bother eating any type of healthy diet if we are not properly absorbing the nutrients!
  •  I want you to understand how important it is to eat real food and not processed junk! Even so called health food in a box is still processed and not life giving!
  • Come join me on your personal journey to discover how delicious and easy it can be to eat REAL food and you can feel and see the difference inside and out!
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